I am a master EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Healer.

I treat people with anxiety and Depression, Grief, Stress Management etc.

I do this with a method called EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Anxiety, Depressions, Grief, Stress Etc is all causes by a trapped emotion.

I can help you release this.

I have a clinic in Cork City Or we can also arrange video sessions.

You are not alone.

Ger O'Brien

EFT Practitoner & Spiritual Healer


Counselling Sessions

Ger offers in-house counselling sessions for a variety of issues (Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Stress, Anger Management, Phobias, Sleep Issues) through his Emotional Freedom Technique form of therapy.

Guest Speaking

Ger also makes guest speaker appearances at companies around the world and gives talks about these issues and how to manage them. Ger is available for bookings and if you would like to enquire just get in touch.

Skype Counselling Sessions

If you are not living in Cork or just have a hard time making it to a counselling session, don’t worry. Ger offers virtual sessions through Skype to try and accommodate each clients needs.

Ger Has Given Many Talks At Companies

Around The World

Here are some examples:

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44 Clarkes Rd, Ballyphehane, Cork, T12 X4F8

Contact hours

10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Saturday

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Phone: 087 230 2510
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